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I've been a Leapfrog user going on Three years now, I do know the machine very well.

If anyone needs assistant with a particular issue just hit me up with issues or tips.

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I'm been printing parts on my Creatr and it seems the Z-axis doesn't layer properly. Once the parts are complete the side walls which was suppose to be straight end up skew. Any suggestions?

I had the same issue and this is actually your X axis creating this issue. either your -X axis is to tight or your +X axis.

The way to determine this is to disable your stepper motors and with your hand move the X axis  back and forth and see if it moves tight either on the right or left which ever side is not moving freely this is what's creating this issue your having, you have to loosen the guides on the side that's to tight but not to loose. your X axis should move back and fourth freely and both axis at the same time but not to freely.

If you need further info on how to do this let me know.

What happened to the old forum?

How would I adjust the stiffness/looseness of the x axis? It is on a runner system without any friction.

Hi Martin

Can you please try and print the object again to see if you get same results.

Hi Pedro, generous of you to offer your help!
I am considering purchase of CreatrHS, and have had some discussion with sales people, but they are very slow to reply! Maybe I will get better response here.
My questions to allow me to proceed or not:
- how much maintenance do you do to keep the printer printing well. Do you replace belts, do adjustments etc? I want to know if we should buy any spare parts also.
- do you have knowledge of the HS - I guess not if you have had one that long?
- I think the lower mass of the HS with the steppers not on the moving head is probably a very significant change to allow no only higher speed but also more accurate printing with less mass to accelerate / decelerate to attain correct nozzle location to the design. Any comments on this?
- anything else you see about the HS that you would comment on plus or minus?

Are there any Leapfrog users in NZ or Australia with the CreatrHS unit?
We expect to do ABS, Nylon mostly, maybe some PLA also.
Thanks for any hints...


Hi Greg I wish I was getting an HS, to answer your questions, leapfrog need very little maintainance, these printers a great, I have two so I should know, they rarely break down, not like my makerbots that I always have problems with. The only advice I can give you is purchase extra thermistors and hot ends if your planning to print a lot, this part doesn't rarely go bad but you'll need one on hand when it does. Always clean your extruder with a little brush to remove build up filament on the wheel. You can do this while your changing filament or while it's printing. Before your purchase extra parts I would talk to the support team of any issues, usually they send you parts depending the issue. I have compared my leapfrogs to other machine out there and I haven't seen any that compare. I did see up close the HS when leapfrog was in New York, very very well built machine and the prints were very nice. Have fun printing, I'm jealous :-)
Thanks Pedro!


You Welcome, Greg.

What is the size of the nuts and bolt used on the bed for leveling.

On Leapfrog Creatr there is a lot of friction between the bolts and the hole in the metal plate that the glass bed is bolted to.

I am wanting to replace them with smaller bolts and wings nut instead of the nylon lock nut.

I have the Leapfrog Creatr

Why is there friction, did you try loosening or try tightning the bed without loosing the nut for adjustment. If you did that means you stripped the metal plate so the screws are loose now. I ended up re threading the metal plate and replacing the bolt and nut just a slightly bigger so it goes through the glass plate with cracking it. But always use nylon lock nuts if you don't the bolt will always get loose. Adjusting the bed without loosining the nylon nuts only strips the metal plate.

So the metal plate was/is threaded?

what do you think of star washers top and bottom or 2 nuts on the bottom?

With a smaller bolt that is.

Yes the metal plate is threaded to secure the glass in place from moving, the springs are for tension. This prevents the glass from cracking at the corners
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