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Simplify3D Software printing problem

I just started printing with Simplify3D Software and went through all the checks with the "X", "Y", & "Z" jogging and it all seems to work until I press the "Start Job" icon. The screen shows the printing process but the Creatr3d just stutters and doesn't move!!!

What did I forget to do.

Maybe waiting for the heat to stabilize on something?
In the profile I usually turn that off for the bed heater.


And what will happen if you try printing with Repetier, just to check?

Well----I found out that the extruder temperature was, some how, turning off after making several layers and when it cooled down, of course, no filament was being extruded. So I would have to stay around and reset the temperature 2 or 3 times then it would complete the print. 

Did you check the temp settings in simplify and check if al settings are on the choosen extruder ( if you have a dual printer)

Still learning the printer and settings. I thought the settings on the "Manual Window" would set the temp. Didn't know I needed to go to the set-up section to set them up.


How did you solve this problem ?

Thanks Amnon

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