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direct USB printing problem


when printing directly from the PC via USB I noticed in some cases the connection gets disconnected , it seems to me a oddity in the gcode ? it is quite repeatable.( the print will hang exactly at the same spot)  strangely when i save the exact same gcode on a stick and run the printer standalone it works fine.

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I have the same problem. After the gcode is sent to the printer, and the extruders and bed are heated, the extruders move to home on all 3 axes and then the bed moves down as if it's about to print, and then it just abruptly stops and does nothing. Simplify3D still says it is printing but nothing happens.

I also have this problem and I see in the code, that the firmware is unresponsive (i.e. failed). Just tonight I have had a print fail to complete after running, initially looking very good only to fail to continue about 1hr 20mins into a 2hr 6min print. I have attached a screenshot of the preview mode/ machine control panel and one of the incomplete print.

I will raise a ticket on this issue and would appreciate knowing if anyone else has had the exact same problem as I and have you also raised a ticket?

Many thanks in advance and look forward to hearing further info.

Kind regards,


(1.29 MB)

A further note to advise that I have raised the following ticket:

  • #121739 Firmware failure while printing direct from PC

I will look forward to seeing what the response from Leapfrog will be and how soon.

I am interested to know how others have been able to restart printing?

For me, even though the Simplify 3D - Machine Control Panel show it is connected - I am not able to perform any manual control which leads me to conclude (pls correct me if I am wrong / offer possible alternative options) that the communication between the printer has failed.

Also the only way I am able to restart printing is to turn the printer off and back on again and also restart the Simplify 3D software all of which takes some time.

After you do this several times you end up loosing alot of time and for me time is money and the prospect / hopes of using this as a commercial machine (even on a very light workload) is looking not very optimistic.

Regards and looking forward to any responses / suggestions.


@David 75% of the time when the printer does nothing when it's supposed to print, I can get it to connect and print again by clicking emergency stop (which I believes disconnects the connection with the printer and then connects again), then clicking the print command again. The remaining times I have to switch the printer off and on to get it to reconnect to Simplify3D. It's definitely a real problem. This hasn't happened when I print using the USB stick. 

Hi Param,

Thanks for the reply. 

Printing from PC

I have not always found I can get the printer to re-connect once I have pressed the Emergency Stop so have avoided doing it.  I will try this workaround until Leapfrog / Simplify 3D come back with more information as to the more 'definitive' cause. I have not had such good luck and for only having my printer less than a week I am not so impressed despite I feel it seems to be a good machine (well built etc).

Printing from USB

This simply does not work for me and I cannot figure out why, I have read / posted on another topic on this point. To simply summarise, after selecting the gcode to print it begins the timer. After telling it will take more than 80hrs to print I turn off the machine. Then go back and attempt to print from the PC with intermittent result.

Regarding the connection issues I would also ask you if you are using a USB cable longer than 1.5m.The reason being that if you are you should use a repeater cable with the initial 1.5m cable provided to connect the printer to the PC, because using a longer one piece cable will result in a connection failure between the printer and PC as well.

I would also ask you to keep this in mind.

Just a few comment from my side. 

- this is a very special USB cable (null modem) i have never seen anything like this before ( and I work with all kinds of odd USB and PC material).

- I so far never had a print just stop ( except when my PC when into hybernation mode because I forgot to deactivate power saver mode..)

- From PC I often have the printer hang, it starts, goes to home point and that is all, it freezes.

- Sometimes I can disconnect an reconnect in simplify3D and it works rarely but it seems to me with the new update it hangs even more? now the printer crashes totally and I have to turn off and on more often..(which takes loong)

- also from PC after stopping and restarting a new job, nozzles just dont want to get to right temperature, always stops heating 4-5 Degrees below set temp, then cools down 10 degrees and heats a few degrees but never reaches set temp so it never starts to print : turn off and on again...

- From USB stick it all works just fine for me.( but then no control or tweaking of speed of multiplier parameters :(

when do we get the new software from materialise?

Hi Marc,

I put a 'little' post here about my specific experience with this issue and the plan solution in my case.

Printer Error - FIRMWARE UNRESPONSIVE (PC - Printer connection lost / broken)

Hope it might prove informative?

What was the reference to new software from Materialise about and what do you use now?

I have heard of a null modem about 20 yrs ago when we had the production CNC machines connection via a link to the CAM software / pc's in the office though it was likely old tech by todays stds.

Do you have any experience with this 'Repeater cable' now?

Regards and thanks for your reply / contribution.

Nobody is using a USB HUB right? Also for anyone getting frozen print jobs, I have noticed that when generating GCODE for USB Flash Discs Simplify doesn't always finish the build and it can generate a Zero K file... Perhaps in the instances where the printer freezes the Gcode is not being properly streamed from Simplify... Sometimes I have to render the GCODE to the Flash Disc two or three times before the data is actually their so I can print on the HS.


Two of our first three parts stopped printing before completion using the print from computer. Printer appears to be waiting for next command. Computer software shows printing is in progress. All control of the printer from the computer is lost. Cannot find a way to resume. Only resolution we can find is to shut all down and restart. Help please!

What printer model do you have?

What slicing software are you using?

Printer: Creatr HS, New 2weeks ago. Slicing: Creatr 2.1 Computer: Windows 10 USB cable supplied with printer.
It appears that this is more than a computer interface issue. The printer also quits before a part is printed from the USB drive. Also, now computer control on any axis moves the head to the right. Example:: Z axis down moves the table down and the head right. Y axis back moves back and head to right. Should I start a ticket or where should we go from here?
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