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Wishlist for standalone


here are some functions I would like to see in the standalone menu sometime:

- make the overall speed faster or slower during printing

- move the base up and down


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I have my brand new Creatr HS since some days now and I am amazed by the quality of the printer.

If I have to add my own cents... I agree with Marc above..
to have the possibility to control at least the Z axis  (eventually with X and Y blocked at zero position) would help a lot to do basic operations in standalone mode, like:
  • changing the filament roll
  • loading and unloading filament
  • have enough clearance for extruding some material when changing color or type of filament
  • have room to change a sticker on the bed or remove the printed object, without risking to touch the nozzles at the end of a print
Maybe it could be enough to have something like a "Heads to home" selection in the panel (e.g. with X,Y = 0 and Z in the middle).

Also, a suggestion about the very welcome "preheat" function in standalone mode:
I would suggest to change the Z zero position that the head takes when when you select "preheat" from the front panel: the Z axis position should be probably in between max and min position... to me the fact that now the bed goes up to the nozzle when preheating presents the following problems:
  • the nozzles get very close to the bed... when heating up some filament melts and has no space to hang down, so it tends to form a bubble around the nozzle which can be a bit annoying when the print starts
  • some one may need to use preheat in order to set up the bed once it is warm (e.g. the ones that use paper glue as a sticking material), having the bed so close to the nozzles and guides when pre-heating can be harmful

Because of the above issues, at the present I am not able to use the printer in full standalone mode, but need to connect to my PC via USB from time to time in between prints.

Other than that I think the current standalone features and interface are great, and the print from USB pen  works simply like a charm... big value add!

Keep on the great work


I completely agree with these comments.

It's not really possible to load the filaments as described in the manual of the HS.

It would be nice to set the bed at a distance of about 50mm while loading the filaments.

I really want to use this device as a stand alone machine.

I would like to install the simplify 3D software on my desktop which is in another room where the printer stands so I cannot use simplify 3D to control the printer via usb.

Is it still possible to control the printer with the repetier software ?

Look at 'Octoprint'! Very easy to connect to CreatR HS, replaces the useless stand-alone and user interface.

Please note that any change and alteration you make to the printer which can cause issues later on means that the warranty will be void.

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