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Temperature "bouncing"


Wondering if others also have this problem, sometimes the nozzles just dont reach set temperature, when printing from PC or USBstick. 

Heating just stops about 5°C below  set temp and then it cools down again to about 10-15°C below set temp, then heats up again to just under set temp, this take many minutes and often never reaches set temp, so never starts to print..

usually I have to turn of printer, reboot it , reheat bed because it has cooled down al lot already , relauch print  etc.. 

I especially check if the cooling fan is on, but it is not.

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I think temperature needs a new regulation, even during printing it varies 10°C or more lower than set point.

May I ask on which kind of printer you are encountering this issue?

I have the same issue on a creatr HS. Doing THIS should solve it (will install it later today)

I have this problem as well. I had to replace the heater cartridge on the hot end, and ever since have had problems with really bad regulation of the temp. It rises quickly, and then I see a very choppy waveform on Repetier, and the temp is (kind of) regulated at 10 degrees below set point. Once in a while it will rise up to set point with out a problem, but most of the time you have to keep dropping the temp until it "catches" and then slowly raise it up a degree at a time until you get to the set point. This is no guarantee that it will remain there, as in some prints it will shut off the hot end, and then drop 10 degrees, and then the choppy waveform on the lower graphic of Repetier tells me something has gone wonky again. This is happening on a single extruder Creatr. Sometimes you see temp swings from a low of 210 degrees and a high of 240 printing ABS, with it bouncing around constantly.


1) Is this due to a bad thermistor, or bad contact? If it somehow was knocked around, can it give intermittent results? How fast does the firmware respond to the signals from the thermistor?

2) Is it a bad cartridge? Can the new one be intermittent? This does not seem likely to me, as it would not consistently regulate 10 degrees lower than set point.

3) Is it a hardware or software problem? I am also running Matter Control, and it does it with that one as well, which seems to rule out the software angle. 

Did you try reflashing the firmware on the motherboard?

Step 1: download the correct firmware

Which firmware version do I need for my printer?

Step 2: install the firmware

Uploading the Creatr firmware 

Step 2.2: if the offset sticker on the bottom of the printer is missing please follow the steps in the link below

How to calibrate the offset for your Creatr Dual hot ends.

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