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Crappy corners

Hi all, Yesterday I've printed an small 10x10x10mm cube for calibration. It has crappy corners, and an horrible toplayer! Has anyone have a solution for it? Or has the right fff file? It is printed with simplify and abs. I have already finetuned some of the parameters from the lpfrg profile. Picture is below. Many thanks!
(565 KB)


Mine looked basically the same to begin with. 

Try slowing down the print speed to 4000mm/min, this, have I found is the only thing that make a profound effect. 

The extruder motors on the HS are not geared, the direct drive set up system isn't ideal for a bowden printer, there is basically more friction pushing the filament through a 500mm+ tube, than this motor ideally can handle. 

Hi Jens,

thanks for your reply, I would try it.

You have managed the ffff profile for clean and good prints?


I wouldn't say good prints, but ok prints. 

Some users have experienced bent X/Y axis on the HS. I don't know if this can be a issue also for cornering, I get the feel on my printer that the x-axis isn't running smoothly. When doing a circular motion it dosen't perform this silky smooth in one even speed motion. Rather it seems to chop it up, like there is mechanical obstruction, 

Hard to explain perhaps, but it is visible in the attached video. when the printer is doing the big circle it "hesitates" a bit. Maybe this can be one of the issues with the crappy corners, I can't seem the get good corners on my printer. 

(1.32 MB)


You ever try different slicers? Try Cura or Kisslicer. This would see if the problem is just your slicing software. 

Other than that try lowering the outer perimeter speed or can actually be a RAM problem with the connected computer sometimes 

For the choppy movement you may want to apply some oil to the  X and Y rods. They maybe a little dry on lubricant. 

Firstly, you need to lower the Default printing speed. Secondly, the machine not making  perfect circle from one move, is, I agree, a slicing issue.

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