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Unidentified pattern and horizontal ribs


I need some technical advice. A few months ago, wide horizontal ribs started appearing on my prints along with vibration-like patterns on the sides. -See pictures attached-

I've been tinkering with the settings on a basic level (acceleration, for example), even if I'm not entirely familiar with the whole set of G-codes for the Reprap/Marlin system, so I might have screwed something up. Now I'm stuck...

The code was generated in Cura with 20mm/s print speed, 0.15mm layer height and 95% flow rate to make the flaw stick out more.

XY acceleration is 1000mm/sˇ2 , Z is 250mm/sˇ2

Any ideas?

(75.3 KB)
(56 KB)

I'll have a look at that bracket.


That's interesting!
As far as the ball screws, if you do a Google search on ball screw runout you will see examples that aren't straight. I'm sure you get what you pay for. Doesn't explain the traffic cone example. Maybe the problem is less visible on that part? Might be interesting to print one now to see.

I did a new bracket for the for the z-axis sensor if you're interested. It's on thingiverse (username is Festus440).


Update: I've checked the sides of the traffic cone print that came with the printer for the familiar waves and there weren't any... Seems like there is hope. What puzzles me is how those industrial spindles could get wobbly. The print head did crash into the table once thanks to the finnicky endstop, but that was the only violent case.


>Polyjet, eh? Lucky bastard... :D
And a new Stratasys Fortus printer....... :-)

Just for work projects though. They frown on printing Yoda heads.....


Now I see what you mean... Then I guess this is something I'll have to live with -and start honing my skills in post-production.

Polyjet, eh? Lucky bastard... :D


"You mean you had such waves? I'll definitely try this then."

Could very well be worth looking over, any case, it's on more thing that you can rule out. 

 Here is a picture of the test block that was on the printer from the factory sitting next to a white test part I printed a few days ago. You can see the horizontal bands in both parts so the issue was there from day one. (I knew there would be a reason to keep that block :-)

The printer was a year old last October.

Obviously it would be better if the parts didn't have this artifact but fixing it would likely be difficult and expensive. I saw a Makerbot printing some parts in a store the other day and the surface finish on those parts were not impressive at all.

I'm a little spoiled of course since at work I get all my parts printed on a fancy polyjet printer. Those parts are perfect with a tolerance of +/- .001". Of course that printer costs about three times the cost of my car!

You mean you had such waves? I'll definitely try this then.


Just thought of something that can be worth checking. How is the tension of the X/Y/Z axis belts? Also, what about the linear bearings, are they running smooth? 

I just realized that on our old printer, we had similar problems with irregular horizontal lines, in this case the printer had been in action for a while, without any actual maintenance. 

We went over and tensioned the belts, lubed the bearings and calibrated, since then we haven't seen this issue. 

Maybe worth checkin in to ? 

I looked at the test print that was on the machine when I received it.
It has the horizontal waves in it also. Not quite as noticeable because its a rather rough print but they are there.


Thanks, might try that this weekend!
Still I hope somebody has another possible solution.


So do I. (I think they are 20mm diameter).
I am at a loss to explain the symptoms from anything else.
I'm certainly no expert, but it seems that ball screws aren't intended (by design) to be a replacement for a good set of linear bearings.
Add a couple of of good bounces on the delivery truck (the pallet was broken on mine) and there you go.
Perhaps if you loosened everything and then re-tightened it, it would help. Just guessing.


Note: I have the more recent ball bearing/spindle version, so wobble shouldn't be an issue...


Done... different material (ABS instead of PLA), an object twice the size of the previous one. Same 5mm ribs on sides 2 and 4, semingly fitting into each other. That looks like the wobble you mentioned.

-Does anybody know a way to correct this?

(85.2 KB)
(80.7 KB)
(82.7 KB)
(82.4 KB)
That's a good question. I don't know if it's always been there in my case or not. I've had my printer for over a year. I think some materials make the problem more obvious. I'll have to look at some old parts I did. (I also kept the test print that came on the machine so I will check that too.)


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