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both extruders heating for a single print?


Got my HS today - so far so good - a few issues I am working through.

Just started a print from simplify 3D - set it up for right extruder only. (sd card)

Left extruder temp set to 0.

When I started the print both extruders heated up to 220 and the bed heated fine.

Print started and the left extruder then became unheated as it is supposed to.

Actually the left extruder should never have heated up....

funny thing = the left extruder heated up to 220 but the display showed 22/0 meaning it is at 220 but is set to be at 0.

After the print started it cooled off but just seems like a waste of energy and time to heat both if you dont need then and have the left one tuned off properly in the software - which I do since it turns off for the print.

Any ideas?

I use simplify on my other printer and have no issues like this.


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   The extruders are preset from the firmware to heat both of them when you heat the printer without a Gcode. When you upload a Gcode, the printer is reading it and use the settings you made by the Gcode. The printer doesn`t know which extruder you will use before upload the Gcode, for this both extruders are heating. 

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