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I am trying to print the new colorfabb CF-XT20 filament with carbon fibre. I just can't find the right settings. I found out the creatr HS max extruder temperature is 270°C.. (also meaning you cannot print Titan filament which needs higher temp.)  so either I have to print much slower? or needs a bigger nozzle? It starts OK but after a few layers nothing sticks anymore and it does not extrude enough. 

to me it seems the filament does not melt fast enough.

I have a similar problem with the PLA glow in the dark.. it stays soft and after about 10 layers it looks different. or with cooling nothing sticks. 

Hi Marc,
I used the colorfabb CF-XT20. My experience is not too bad with this type of filament. I use the following settings:
- PLA/Medium quality/0.2mm layer thickness
- Extruder Temp: 265°C
- Bed Temperature: 60°C
- Speed: 2500mm/min --> but outline speed reduced by 40%
But be aware, the filament is abrasive ! I just lost two brass nozzles and this after 10 hours (approximately).  The filament is good in terms of look and feel, but if it destroys that often my nozzels, then it will be gone soon.
Hope this helps !


Hi philipp

OK I will try this. I found other problem with my machine I solved now maybe it will work better now. what nozzle size did you use? 0.35mm?

yes CF materials are extremely abrasive, I also destroyed a brass nozzle in 1 day ( the protopasta CF PLA).  I had Stainless steel nozzles made now 0,5 and 0.36mm i will try them to see if they last longer.

If you ( or someone else) need some let me know, I have extra ones. 


Hi Marc! Do you still have nozzles made of stainless steel får sale? Or maybe you know where I can order a couple of them? Regards, Paul

hi paul 

yes I still have some stainless steel nozzles, 0.35 and 0.5 mm

How nice! I would like to buy 2 of each, please give me an e-mail with information regarding price etc. ramklevgamman@icloud.com 

That is greate!  I would like 2 of each. I wrote my email in my last reply but it has not been approved so I try again. I would be thankful if you could send me information regarding payment and so on. Ramklevgamman@icloud.com //Paul
Hello Marc, Your observation of the material not melting fast enough might be true. Using steel nozzles is a good idea since the CF is abbrasive. However, the heat conduction of steel is worse than the heat conduction of brass. Probably you have to print way slower with steel nozzles than with the brass ones. My steel nozzles are still on the way. Will try out CF filled PETG next month probably.
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