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circular size inner diameter

Hi, Im trying to get a reasonably accurate diameter on some of my cylindrical parts, but I can't seem to get within range so to speak.

I'm fully aware that 3d printers are no exact toy, but from my experience with previous printers I've been able to get within +/- 0,3 mm in range. 

In this case it seems and this only concerns part that have a inner diameter/circle, the prints are of by circa 1,5 mm. 

The parts concerned is suppose to be 80 mm outer, 71,3 inner. But they turn out to be 78,7 mm outer and 69,8 mm inner. 

I believe this is a bit to much of. 

Oddly enough, If I do a test print with exactly the same settings on a 25 mm cylinder, it comes out close to perfect, 25 mm spot on.  

It seems that as soon as the part have a inner diameter, then something happens either in the g-code or if it is the printer it self? 

I'm using simplify 3d, but will run a test via Cura as well, but if anyone here has experienced similar problems, then it would be most helpful getting a fix on this.  

Yes, this happens to me as well. I believe that the software offsets the extrusion so as to prioritize the outer dimensions first. 

You can try using a smaller extrusion width, slowing the extrusion on the outer perimeters. 

Other than that you can adjust the extrusion multipliers for that particular filament as well. 

Just my guess, let me know how it goes. 

Kisslicer (and now S3D, but haven't tried it) has an option called "inset".
This essentially shrinks wall thickness.
So between the inset option and global scaling you can get close. Of course they interact with each other a little so it will take some tweaking to get there. I've been able to get parts that fit together (mating a 3D printed part to a non-3d printed part) to work using that method.


Ok, Thanks for the tip, shall look into them, 

Tried using Cura as slicer, but did little to help. 

I have the speed set to 2000 mm/min already, problem with my drivers as it seems, new ones are on the way from lpfrg, will see if this changes things, all  though I'm doubtful. 

Perhaps try Kisslicer then.  

Do you use simplify 3d as host, or have you found better ones for this?  

I actually just use Repetier for the host. S3D would probably be fine as a host also.
Inset was the main reason I kept using Kiss. The other reason is it seems to handle thin walls better.
I know S3D has made improvements but Kiss works so just I keep using it. I do use the latest Kiss beta versions. The latest is available from their forum, may not be on the main web site.


One thing I just remembered. The preview of Kiss gcode in S3D may look odd. If I remember they use different commands for rapids, so it may look very stringy :-0

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