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Underextrusion pattern???


Any ideas on this problem?

This strange banding - looks like underextrusion..

I tired many things including:

setting extra retract distance to 0

extrusion multiplier to 130% (1.3)

slowed first layer down to 20%

This is PLA and tried temps from 90 - 220

Not a clogged nozzle

and others.

This is such a perfect pattern it seems like something is not right....

No problem sticking to bed and I doubt if it is bed level related as the bands are clean and like stripes unless the bed is warped in that perfect pattern - not likely...

Any help or ideas???

Why would it print nice in those areas and almost non-existent in the other?

(97.6 KB)

Seems I do not have this problem with my right extruder. Only the left one does this. Perhaps this is the result of a warped extruder motor shaft or roller? I have seen that before on a delta bot I had. Can't be the bed height as the right extruder prints fine, also checked the tension on the filament and it is the same. Any ideas? Such a perfect pattern.


Looks like I may have fixed this.

Hard to believe but the extruder/nozzle were partially clogged...

Hard to believe with such a perfect pattern but I cleaned it all and it is OK....

Lets hope I found the problem...


If this was not the issue try monitoring the temperature while the print is occuring (it is in a separate tab in Repetier if you are using that) the PID controller I've noticed that heads with a low thermal mass can oscillate causing effects similar to what you are seeing when cooled below 200 C. Apparently there are firmware updates for the PID in another thread, or if you ask via a ticket. Also what can help is ensuring you are thermally stable before printing and sorting out levelling and prep work while the head heats up/

I have the same issue.

I tried adding a new topic with pictures of other issues but unfortunately LPFRG doesn't want it posted...

check if both nozzles are at correct height, looks like left nozzle is scraping the print away again. if only using 1 nozzle you can even remove the other nozzle to be sure.

I had this problem.

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