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Creatr HS and Repetier??

Does anyone know if Repetier Host can be used with the Creatr HS? and if so would be willing to share their settings with me? I have used the original creatr for a couple of years now and am fine printing with that. I bought a new HS to make things a bit easier. Despite Simplify3d being 'simpler' it does not produce the same quality of prints as my original creatr, with bumps and holes, even missing lines, even at speeds of 60mm/sec. I have tried many many variations of the settings and several different filament types but am getting nowhere. I really would like to go back to using the repetier software but am not even sure if it is possible. It is certainly not documented anywhere i can find.

Any help would be most gratefully received!



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Hi Adrian,

I have bought recently  a creatr HS and I have the same difficulty with Simplify 3D. Before I used Repetierhost with Slic3R integrated as a slicer engine and occasionally kSSlicer. I try to manage my CreatrHS with RepetierHost but there is some missing control: sometimes it is not possible to connect to CreatrHS, I do connection before with simplify 3D and after I can connect with repertierhost, some specific undocumented magic code ?

Now I use Slice3r (the last version) independently to slice my objects and I save the gcode to a file. After you can add to the "GCode Libray" in the Simplify3D the file and you can print it from Simpilfy3D Panel. So you can use Slic3r or another Slicer and manager print with simplify 3D without using the slicer integrated in Simplify 3D.

I rencently discover Mattercontrol (http://mattercontrol.matterhackers.com/) with a very plaisant interface and it seems to have some interesting slicing feature. But I don't print with it (I will try it soon ...).

All the best.


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