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Leapfrog HS Power supply replacement.

Had a lot of fan noise from the main power supply so replaced it.

Here is How to replace that power supply:

Tools:  2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm allen keys flat blade screwdriver, Anti static wrist band.

Firstly move the build table to the home position and remove any filament from the printer. Unplug the machine from the mains and USB.

Remove the back panel so it can hinge slightly 4x 2.5mm screws remove the bottom 2, top 2 leave in 3-4 turns.

Remove both of the side panels 5x 2.5mm screws.

Remove the top electronics cover by removing the 3x 3mm screws from the front edge. Just slacken off the rear 2x 5mm screws from the aft corners. Carefully lift the plate clear of the aft screws and slide out of one side being careful not to snag any wiring etc.

Remove the front Electronics cover by removing the 2x 4mm screws in the base and release the filament guides. Again slide out of one side.

Release the Electronics board mounting plate by angling the whole printer at approx 45 deg to gain access to the base, push the 7 plastic mounts from the underside through the base to release it.

Carefully gain access to the underside of the of the electronics mounting plate to get access to the 4x 3mm screws that secure to power supply to the plate.

Now check the Power supply is selected to your country's voltage on the volt selector switch on the side of the Power supply.

Now place the new power supply on top of the old faulty one and transfer the wires over on a 1-2-1 basis so you don't get them mixed up. (good idea to take a quick photo with your mobile to confirm before removal) also make sure the wires go under the screw washer plates and not just the screw heads.

Re-assembly is the reversal of this procedure taking care not to trap any wires, re-connecting pipes, ensuring they are correctly located in recesses and panel cut-out's. A good tip is to place all screws in each panel in turn then tighten them before moving to the next panel. Don't be exerting too much force on the screws when tightening either as using an allen key can exert far more torque that is required.

Plug in and test.

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