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Help for rookie!

 Ok, I got my CreatrXL in place yesterday. I managed to do some prints, but the flat surfcace on top of the part usually tears up. But this is just one of my problems. Which I can concentrate later. So here comes the rookie questions:

1. Does anyone have good Simplify3D profile for CretarXL to share?

2. How Do I "calibrate" my printer to Simplify3D? Now when I put my part in middle of the print area. It actually prints it into top right corner (too much X and Y axes)

3. When I homed my printer. Looks like the Z-axis is bit too high, because it leaves a trace on the sticker. Shall I put it bit lower by offsetting it?

4. I have seen some difference between temperature settings when printing ABS. Some says the extruder should be 220 some 230. Also information about bed temperature varies between 60 and 80.

If someone can give good protips, I would be greatful!

Here is photo of my print, every hint helps:

As you can see, it is pretty small print. Should I make it full solid ABS instead of using some percentage infills?


I do not have THE awnser for you but I am sure that this link can help you on your way!



Dear Arponen,

If you want you can send me the STL file and I will slice the gcode for you. I will send you the factory file as well so you can see what settings I used for the model.

Let me know if you think this might help you better understand how to create a settings profile.

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