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materialize vs simplify

 Is there any comparison chart between materialize and simplify.

I have been using simplify with my HS since I got it. Was using repetier host with my other machine for years. I like the support structure edit feature, but most of the other features don't have the control I want. i.e. too difficult to change  extruder temps on the fly - I have screwed up prints trying to use.. Need better layer control setting don't change between extuders. Really don't like NOT seeing G-code within the program to add/substract code for specific models. Creating multiple process files for same model has too many limitations to it - etc.

thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

I am not a support person from Leapfrog.

I have used both materialise and simplify 3d softwares though.

The first version of the materialise software was very very very poor, the slicing was horrible and the control of the machine was awfull. I tried for a couple of parts but it was impossible to have them working.

Used my settings in the simplify 3D and the parts were produced in the first shot.

A update was released for the software itself together with new profiles.

Then it is a completely different history, in the first shot using a single head it worked like a charm. Almost no problems, just very few adjusts required in the profiles but the best quality than I ever achieved using Simplify 3D.

Tried dual-head printing and it was a mess, after correcting the standard profiles, it works great now.

I am not using Simplify 3D anymore, Materialise s much simpler and allows you to change the same parameters as simplify. I did not used supports yet in it, but i will give a go and will let you know.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the info.  One issue I have with simplify is that the print time estiamtes where way off- especially with complex models.  How accurately does materialize predict print times?


Dear Mark and Thiago ,

I would also like to let you know that currently there is a beta version of the Creatr 2.0 software powered by Materialise which is being tested and will be release before Christmas or at the beginning of January 2016 which will be available to update from the Creatr 1.0 ( just like when you upgraded the Simplify 3D software).

The Creatr 2.0 will have new features, for example the preview gcode option, full control of the support material ( just like in Simplify and many other) not to mention the quality of the prints made with Simplify 3D in comparison to the Creatr software is quite big. I will make sure to upload a short explanation with pictures of the same prints made with Simplify and the Creatr software so Leapfrog customers can see first hand the differences in quality.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

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