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Head position after finished job

Dear Leapfrog!

I think it would be useful to implement some predefined head position after print Job is finished.

Sometimes the printed part is quite difficult to remove, as it strongly sticks to the print bed despite to the bed preheat etc... In this case a little more space would be appreciated for easier part removal. See the example picture where the removing of those parts was impossible without manual removing the print head to the backside.

Therefore I suggest that after print job is finished the print bed is moved far down (or at least few cm more than right now)  and print head is moved to the back corner of the printer, so there would be more space to grab the part with hands and remove it.

Maybe there could be some "final head position" setting which anyone could fit it by their needs.

P:S. Sometimes skirt is not printed correctly, as you can see from the picture, but parts are OK.



(1.26 MB)

Take a closer look at your software. It usually has a setting for how to position the head and the bed when a print is complete.
If not, it there will be a place for post-processor commands that controls where the head moves now. (I'm sure it doesn't stop with the extruder right on top of your part which would damage the print.) You can modify or add to these commands to move the head and bed to where you want. You will need to learn a little bit about gcode commands :-)

The purpose of the skirt is to prime the extruder. What's important is that you are getting a consistent plastic flow when the print starts. It looks like that is happening, so it's ok.


come on !  use manual control to lower the bed.  you just land on this planet ?


Dear Švigelj, Andrej,

There are a couple of things I would ask you to check depending on what slicing software you are using:

1. If you are using the Creatr software powered by Materialise sadly we do not have access to the ending script of the gcode but we will address this issue to them;

2. If you are using Simplify 3D please check your ending script and see if the value implemented for the Z movement after a gcode is finished is correct. The default value is 200 mm from the 0 possition.

3. As Mr. eric erickson suggested you can use the jog controls to lower the bed to gain more access;

Now if you are using another slicing software which is open source I am afraid I can`t really provide a y support regarding what might have to be adjusted.

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