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Pause to change filament

The pause feature is great however it does present some problems on larger prints if You wan to change filament spools. First and foremost since the printhead does not move away from the print it will burn Your print during pause. 

Solution please move the head to x0 y0 on pause then move back to previous end position before resuming.

What we do, when we want to change the filament mid print, we first pause the print, then we pull the z axis belt, so the platform will be lowered, then we load the new filament manually and catch the filament of the loading process with a piece of paper, so it does not fall on the modell. When you then press play again the printhead will go back to the point where it stopped and goes on printing. 

Hi David 

Thanks for Your answer. 2 problems with this 

1) My models are a bit bigger than Yours I suspect (see enclosed picture) filling the bulk of the print bed and up 180mm (max) height. Thus lowering the bed is seldom an option as I can not remove the spools if I lower it further and raising the bed will cause the model to hit the Y-axis.

2) Though I have not tried this yet I sincerely doubt the printer has any understanding of how to get back from an ad-hoc adjustment of Z-height (pulling the belt) as this would require a zero all axis move and then re-adjusting to the absolute values of the pause. Should this be possible  it would be fantastic because then my proposed leave and return to print would not require much coding. 

I will print a test cube and try Your proposed solution.

best regards

There is a alternative to pausing the print which can help you print the model in sections.

If you search for Netfabb on google you will find a free software in which you can cut and repair STL files. To that end you can cut the model in half and then glue it together using glue or better yet using a soldering gun you can glue it and add more strength then normal glue would do.


Yes netfab is great and I use it all the time to make sure my models are without faults. And sometimes I use it to cut my models too. However with a total length of 1354mm I already cut the model down to 169.25 length pieces (8 in total) to make suer I had some spare room above the model for when I remove it from the bed. In order to be able to comfortably remove the spools below the print bed I would need to cut the model into 11 pieces of 123,1mm meaning I'll have to do 11 instead of 8 prints and that is exactly what I ended up doing. So due to the non option of moving spools outside i end up with only 68% usable print height and still have the problem of burns where the head stops. 

Please make the heads move to the side on pause then at least I won't get cavities when I pause the printer.

The request will be forwarded to our R&D department and they will see of this feature can be implemented in the next software update.

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