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Bolt implementation to Simplify3D

Hello, is it planned to create a profile to be able to work with Simplify3D and the Bolt? I love the features and freedom Simplify gives me and it is really annoying two switch between two programs all the time. Also, i find the slicing results to better with Simplify. In addition, Creatr constantly crashes when i edit print profiles, which is also really annoying 'cause everything has to be loaded and set up again. So a Bolt profile for Simplify would be highly welcome. Greetings, Tobias

Indeed we are preparing the print profiles for the Leapfrog Bolt and hopefully we will be able to release them next week at the latest.

I am curious if anyone has been printing with S3D on the Bolt. Although it does give some more flexibility than Creatr it lacks the ability to support extended supports. We find extending supports around horizontal holes enables PVA to bridge the PLA allowing the PVA to stick better to the PLA in those areas too small to build PVA supports! S3D does not carry its extended support to the build plate? But leaves them hanging the extended amount in space! We brought this to S3D's attention and they told us to build surfaces less than one layer thick where we want supports to the build plate over those holes. I didn't realize this software was still in the 1990's, where we have to prep the model for supports!? Creatr does this, but it has other issues,, of course!
We have been printing with S3D on the bolt but by now we are convinced of the current implementation. We have a lot trouble with prints not sticking to the bed properly/first layer adhesion that do not occur when using Creatr (other settings being the same). We could try to re-create your problem if you want to, but i think i do not fully understand the solution that S3D is suggesting. From what i understood you want to extend the supports in areas where you have horizontal holes in order to create more PVA volume there to help create a proper support. I just don't get what S3Ds solution ("build surfaces less than one layer thick where we want supports to the build plate over those holes") should look like? Does it mean they want you to build a small layer of build material in the first layers and then keep building PVA support up to the point where your horizontal holes are? At least that is what i understood...
the best solution I have found for bed adhesion issue is to use Elmer's glue stick, purple, water soluble. Our prints both with Creatr and S3d stick so well, larger prints can be difficult to remove. Also turn up the first layer extrusion to 150% and slow down the speed to 15mm/s. For the horizontal hole solution, imagine a block with a horizontal hole, two pillars approx. the hole diameter wide erected on each side of the block under the hole, at the top of each hole is where you would model a roof extending from the block equal to the diameter of the hole. This tricks S3D into thinking it needs to support the extended surface, but because its thinner than one layer it ignores having to print it. I think this solution is truly lame, that they should fix their software. The fact that the software knows enough to support a feature and not to print it, is nonsense. the fact that you can extend supports but not support those supports is a clear error in the code. See images.
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